Monday, August 29, 2011

Benefit of Noni Fruit

Unatractive looking fruit

Noni ( Mengkudu ) fruit is Rubiceae family plant its come from North West Asia and then moved to China,Hawai,India,Australia ,Fiji,Tahiti and many other countries.
This fruit have been given many different name in each different country, in Indonesia called Mengkudu,Cheese Fruit in Australia, and Noni in Hawai. Noni fruit produce very unpleasant smell when its ripe .
This fruit colour is dark green when unripe and became yellowish colour when it ripe.
Sprig of Noni leaf can consumed as a vegetable also contain of mineral and fruit itself can use as medical purposed.
Actually Noni fruit already known in Europe since 1849 which they use as textile colour which produce from the Noni’s Root.
A lot nutrition contain from Noni Fruits such as , carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and mineral .
Anti Bacteria
Noni Fruits help to control the Salmonella bacteria ( dangerous bacteria )by consume the Noni Juice or extract .Also Noni fruit help to reduce bacteria which cause by skin infection, flu, and many more which cause from bacteria- also great as antioxidant if consume on regularly basis either juice ,tablet or extract.
1. Plenty of Vitamin C and as antioxidant.
2. Help to reduce asthma, flu and reduce of skin infection which caused from Bacteria
3. Help to control Dangerous bacteria such as SALMONELLA
4.Help to reduce cell cancer.
5. Help to reduce  Diabetes,hypertenses,stroke,Lung problem.
6. Help Increase sexual activities .
7. Help to reduce fatigue
8. Help to reduce high blood pressure .
“The Tropical fruits with 101 medical uses” books is great book to read about alternative natural medicine.
Noni fruit also well known in Bali Indonesia . In the past not so many people aware how great advantages’ of this fruit as medical uses.
The fruits appearance not so interesting and unattractive looking fruit and have very unpleasant strong smell because of the acidity they produces.
Noni fruits can consume in variety as a Juice, Extract, Tablet and also can dry up as a snack
The best recommendation for drying the Noni fruit is – slice up, then dry under sun however need to cover up to avoid any damage from the sunshine.